Drama Troupe’s production of The Music Man


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The Highlands Latin Drama Troupe presented Meredith Willson’s The Music Man in front of sold out crowds on April 13 and 14. Fifty-eight students were involved in this year’s musical production, which was dedicated to the school’s founder, Mrs. Cheryl Lowe. Teresa Boling directed the show and Dr. Louie Bailey returned as the musical director and conductor of a nine-piece orchestra for the performances. Mrs. Janice Murdoch choreographed the many dance numbers, including the largest ever performed on a Highlands Latin stage. The show also featured a unique projector screen background which displayed artwork created by Highlands Latin students.

The Music Man starts with trouble hitting River City when fast-talking con man “Professor” Harold Hill tells the town he wants to form a boys’ band, promising it will keep the youngsters out of trouble and morally straight. He convinces the parents to buy instruments and uniforms for their kids, but Marian Paroo, the piano teacher, discovers that Harold might not be all that he claims.

Senior Aiden Arnold played the lead role of Harold Hill. The Music Man was Aiden’s third show and third leading role with the Highlands Latin Drama Troupe. One staff member said of Aiden, “He IS Harold Hill!” Katelyn Miller, a senior who has had a role in every HLS performance, played the role of Marian. According to Mrs. Boling, Katelyn “was exactly what Marian needed to be; confident, winsome, smart, risky, and extremely talented.” Aiden and Katelyn were not only exceptional leads onstage, they led the cast offstage as well by buying gifts for the younger students and taking the time to meet with them prior to opening night to pray and calm their nerves.

Senior Maggie Roy received lots of laughs for her lively performance of Mrs. Paroo, Marian’s mother. Maggie worked extensively with her Irish voice teacher to perfect the accent that brought so much energy to her humorous role. Another senior in the show, Helen Mariah Murdoch, delivered a brilliant performance in the role of the mayor’s wife, Eulalie Shinn. Helen Mariah showed her dedication to the show as well as her servant-hearted spirit by staying late with her brother Judah after every rehearsal to clean up and make sure everything was put away. Joseph Collum, a senior who will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall to study theater and English, displayed his exceptional talent in the role of Marcellus Washburn, a former con man and friend to Harold Hill. Joseph was a founding member of the Drama Troupe and previously had major roles in the Highlands Latin performances of Little Women, The Pirates of Penzance, and The Curious Savage, as well as several outside productions.

The talented students of the Highlands Latin Drama Troupe put their heart and soul into this production of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man, an American treasure that beautifully blends story, comedy, music, dance, and romance.

The full performance is below for your viewing pleasure!

Highlanders Excel at Science Olympiad Tournament

Highlands Latin School would like to congratulate our Highlanders on their performance at the Louisville Regional Science Olympiad Tournament. The high school team also qualified for the state tournament this weekend.

Special congratulations go to these students:

  • Eliza Agan & Ann-Alys Lowe, Wright Stuff, 1st place!
  • Owen Meyer & Joseph Stachnik, Battery Buggy, 1st place!
  • William Yates  Mission Possible, 2nd place
  • Owen Meyer & Joseph Stachnik, Optics, 3rd place
  • Luke Nicholas & Sydney Petrie, Roller Coaster, 3rd place
  • Luke Nicholas & Sydney Petrie, Write It Do It, 3rd place

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Horatius Society: Thirty-eight HLS Sixth Graders recite all of Horatius at the Bridge.


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Each school year at Highlands Latin School, as a portion of classical studies the sixth-grade class learns 24 stanzas of Horatius at the Bridge, the poem by Thomas Babington and Lord Macaulay.

Students seeking Horatius-like glory have the option to memorize all 70 stanzas (16 pages, 589 lines, 3201 words). This year, 38 students rose to the challenge and completed the full 70 stanzas. Continue reading

2018 Grammar School Plays


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Every year the HLS grammar school students look forward to performing their spring plays: “The Banquet of the Gods” by 3rd grade, “Famous Men of Rome” by 4th grade, and “Robin Hood and His Merry Men” by 5th grade.

A job well done to all of our students, teachers, and parent volunteers who worked very hard to make these performances a success.

2017 National Latin Exam Awards

There is a reason our school isn’t merely called “The Highlands School.” The study of Latin is a central component of our curriculum, crucial to the intellectual development of our students and vital to imparting the cultural and historical knowledge of our civilization. Each year our students participate in the National Latin Exam, which not only tests their hard-earned Latin prowess, but also provides us an opportunity to measure HLS against other great schools like Phillips Exeter, Boston Latin, and Cistercian Prep.

“All of our Latin teachers work hard to teach through grammar and translation—the usual curriculum of each grade. But when it is time to prepare for the National Latin Exam, teachers pay special attention to the students’ weaknesses in order to improve their chances of doing well. The number of medals and ribbons students earn shows how successful the teachers have been.” -Dr. Matt Dickie

Out of 221 participants at HLS, our students earned 7 perfect papers, 113 gold medals, and 54 silver medals. Perfect papers were earned by 3% of HLS students, compared to a national average of 0.8%. Gold medals were earned by 51% of Highlands Latin students, compared to a national average of 11%.

Notable Mentions

In Kentucky, 40 schools and 1,518 students participated in the National Latin Exam. Of the 17 perfect papers in Kentucky, 7 were written by HLS students and 113 of 247 gold medals were earned at Highlands Latin. 

Worldwide, 140,000 students in 17 countries participated in the National Latin Exam. Two Highlands Latin students, Meg Booker and Rachel Kimbell, earned perfect scores three years in a row and received the Goad Memorial Book Award. Only 21 students out of 140,000 worldwide earned this award. Congratulations to Meg and Rachel.

Senior Maggie Roy received an even rarer award.  She was 1 of only 4 students worldwide to earn 6 gold medals on the National Latin Exam and earned the prestigious Maureen O’Donnell Award.

Congratulations Highlands Latin students and good luck next year!


Join us for our final K-12 Open House, Sunday, January 21st, at our Spring Meadows campus at 1:00 p.m. to experience our culture of academic excellenceMeet our teachers, see our award-winning curriculum, and tour the campus.

Spring Meadows Campus – 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Short presentation beginning at 1:15 p.m.
10901 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY 40243
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HLS Junior Earns AHG Stars and Stripes Award


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In 2006, HLS Founder Cheryl Lowe served as the Charter Representative for American Heritage Girls Troop KY2521, a chapter of the national organization for young women dedicated to character development, Christian values, and family involvement. Danielle Fuller joined the organization that year as a kindergarten student. Today Danielle is a junior at HLS, and a candidate for the Stars and Stripes Award (the highest level of AHG recognition), for which she recently designed the Cheryl Lowe Prayer Garden at the Spring Meadows campus.


“When considering what I could do for the school, I realized that the CHBC campus has a chapel and a sanctuary, but that Spring Meadows had no place for worship. I thought a prayer garden would be a beautiful and necessary addition to the campus. I wanted to dedicate it to Mrs. Lowe because she was an exemplary woman of the highest integrity,” says Danielle.

According to HLS’ Director of AHG Troop KY2521, Christine Haner, who also served as Danielle’s mentor, the Stars & Stripes Award requires each of its candidates to plan and direct a 100-hour service project of her choosing that fulfills AHG’s oath to honor God, family, community, and country. Danielle began in June, before she and her parents, along with Mrs. Haner, met with Brian Lowe to discuss her blueprint and explain her ideas.

“Mr. Lowe approved the plan for the prayer garden and kindly offered the services of the Spring Meadows campus lawn team. The lawn caretakers dug up the old dead grass and some overgrown plants so my volunteers would have a ‘clean slate’ on which to work,” says Danielle.

Plants and pavers were donated by Greenside Outdoor Services, who also installed the pavers at the onset of the project implementation. Danielle supervised while volunteers tilled and dug dirt, planted herbs and flowers, laid down sod, and power-washed the sidewalk. Then it was time to add a sundial and benches. In her initial meeting with Mr. Lowe to discuss plans for the Cheryl Lowe Prayer Garden, Danielle learned Mrs. Lowe had favored rosebushes and herbs in her own gardens, so those were added to the perimeter of the space.

“God even smiled on the project, keeping the weather perfect for the entire week while the pavers were installed and while volunteers were completing the project. The prayer garden was finished a whole day early!”

Danielle says HLS has played a large role in shaping her character, and she wanted to do something for the school in return by using her involvement in American Heritage Girls. The garden, she says, exceeded her expectations.

Now that the project is complete, Danielle will submit an essay, a resume, and a project summary before she can officially receive her Stars and Stripes Award. The presentation will take place this spring, at which Terry Giltner, Troop Coordinator, will present Danielle the award.

“A Prayer Garden, dedicated to Mrs. Cheryl Lowe, is not just a touching tribute but a lasting contribution to the communities of AHG KY2521 and Highlands Latin School,” says Mrs. Haner. “While I have supported American Heritage Girls and Troop KY2521 in various ways over the last nine years, one of the most rewarding has been to support the girls who seek to earn their Stars & Stripes Award. It takes every arrow in their quiver, every creed word they have incorporated into their daily lives, every tool they have mastered, and all the gifts and talents bestowed by our Creator to earn this award.”

Danielle is grateful for the donations and volunteers who helped her create the Cheryl Lowe Prayer Garden. She says her favorite details are the stepping stones inscribed with Scripture and the sign that quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” Danielle has been especially pleased by the encouragement and affirmation from Mrs. Hatfield, Mrs. Lowe’s sister and author of the New American Cursive program.

“It pleased me to know how much she likes the Cheryl Lowe Prayer Garden, and how much she thinks Mrs. Lowe would have liked it,” says Danielle.


2017 Highlands Latin School Christmas Cantata Videos


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Every year, family and friends look forward to the HLS Christmas Cantatas. Under the direction of Dr. Louie Bailey, Mrs. Rhonda Hibdon, and Mrs. Jennifer Gilcreast, the HLS student choirs tell the Christmas story with scriptures and song.

Highlands Latin Upper School Cantata

Highlands Latin Grammar School Cantata

Highlands Latin Primary School Cantata – Crescent Hill

Highlands Latin Primary School Cantata – Spring Meadows

Images of the Upper School Cantata can be found here.

Drama Troupe’s production of The Curious Savage


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In just ten short weeks the HLS Drama Troupe put together two nights of impressive performances presenting The Curious Savage by John Patrick.

A comedic play centered around a woman named Ethel P. Savage (most commonly referred to as Mrs. Savage), it is set in the 1950s America in the Cloisters, a bustling mental institute filled with many strange, whimsical, and friendly faces. A warm place more than anything, it is home to the likes of the eccentric Fairy May, the battle-scarred Jeff, the delusional Florence, the mathematical Hannibal, and the absent-minded Mrs. Paddy. Enter Mrs. Savage, an elderly woman with blue hair and the personality of a teenager. After the sudden death of her husband, she acquires his life savings of approximately ten million dollars. As Mrs. Savage begins donating this mass amount of money to charity, her three stepchildren (who desperately want the money) respond by checking her into The Cloisters – and leaving her there.

The full performance is below for your viewing pleasure!